Theatre in a Hurricane…


On Saturday 19th August we performed ‘Piece of Cake’ at the Morecambe Carnival (  When we got there we were told that Morecambe was experiencing the tail end of a Hurricane (Harvey).  As you may know I (Ant) am keen on a prop or two and with ‘piece of cake’ there are loads!  Our set has also recently gone through a makeover and I think that I may have ‘accidentally’ added a few more.  I did start to put the set up (see black bit at the bottom of the image), however mid way through I had to seek shelter in the car.

When Sarah eventually got there (she went the wrong way down the promenade) the rain had stopped, however the wind was still epically blustery.  Long story short we were sat in the car from 10am until 2pm until we managed to find a suitably sheltered location to set up.  We performed two very energetic performances to two amazing groups of people and Sarah managed to only break one bowl this time!

We are due to perform again in Morecambe on the 7th October so stay tuned for more information.