Our work cuts through barriers that usually prevent audiences from understanding, accessing and enjoying live theatre; speaking to wide range of people and places.

As a small yet strong collective, Maelstrom Theatre aims to:
  • Create authentic life enriching experiences for both audiences and participants
  • Develop high quality artistic products for consumption predominantly across the UK
  • Support and champion the social aspects of our work (including social giving and inclusion)
  • Curate and produce work on behalf of other individuals and/or groups
We do this by:
  • Working with the best and most experienced artists from across the UK
  • Rigorous self-reflection utilising well-known methodologies for exploring artistic craft and social engagement
  • Getting people we know and trust to view and critically comment on our work
  • Securing funding to support the scope and ambition for our work (e.g. public funds, corporate sponsorship, local fundraising)