TAG you’re it! Ant talks BASE

Ant reflects on the first BASE.

A joint partnership programme by the Dukes Creative Learning Dept and Ludus Dance, Maelstrom Theatre were invited to take part in the very first one!

A mixed bag of artists from a number of different disciplines (theatre, music, film, writing, dance and visual art), Lindsey facilitated a morning session of Suzuki and Viewpoints and then I took over in the afternoon to support the session on ‘engaging the disengaged’ led by CCL’s Learning Practitioner Liam McCormick.

I was initially apprehensive at the sheer diversity of the ‘crowd’, however the day proved to be very fruitful.  Everyone was exceptionally open minded and just got stuck into it all, which was lovely to see.  I even learnt a thing or two – mainly that I need to read a load more books (Linds is a literary GOD).

The next BASE day will be taking place at Ludus Dance on Friday 17th February and whilst we will not be facilitating anything (well I will with my Ludus Dance hat on – this multiple job thing can get really confusing at times!), rest assured we will be there.

If you are interested in getting involved get in contact with Danny at the Dukes 🙂